All software projects come up for expansion sooner or later. Mostly sooner!

You may be looking to expand functionality on already delivered solutions or looking at adding totally new systems Or you could be adding newer ways to access the same core application – for example by adding mobile applications to an existing Web application. You could also be expanding to support more platforms – for example you could be considering supporting your existing Windows software on Mac OS as well. You could also be forced into supporting newer versions of the platforms your software already works on – for example having to migrate software that currently runs on Windows XP (?!) to the latest Windows OS versions .

Any expansion needs utmost care. CSharp solutions will help you meticulously plan any type of expansion you wish to undertake. Each type of expansion requires a different kind of approach – for example in a migration project one of the key considerations may be to retain backward compatibility or that existing users should not suffer any major outages.

Our associates have handled all kinds of expansion projects and we have the teams to support you with any expansion you may be planning.

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