We love to help on projects at this early stage! The benefits of getting it right at this stage are huge and are always most enduring.

Whether you have just thought up an idea or have moved beyond the idea and actually completed some documentation, we can help. Our senior associate can work with you to flesh out your idea, helping to figure out which parts are likely to offer maximum benefit in least possible time. Sometimes it may be important to test assumptions early – especially potentially blocking technical challenges. We can come up with a plan to address critical components of a project early, so that once these challenges are overcome the project can progress smoothly and that there are no costly surprises at later stages.

Once the idea is vetted and all critical challenges overcome, we can work on user interface aspects of the project (if applicable). Our senior associate will work with you (& your team) and with UI/UX architects to ensure that all user stories are covered and you are happy with how the end product will look & behave (as closely to the end product as possible).

After UI aspects and functionality(as much as practical) are addressed, we can then move on to finalising the architecture / deployment model for the system. Our associates have decades of experience with designing system architectures for several state-of-the-art, leading products and they will bring this experience to bear on your project. It is critical to get the architecture of the system being developed right , so that both current requirements (such as robustness) are taken care of and future requirements (such as extensibility) are covered as well.

With the architecture done, we can start development at full speed. Different team configurations are possible & this depends on the unique project situation. We will discuss with you and propose the best possible solutions for your situation. We will also discuss the testing and deployment plan at this time. Once the system is developed, we will help you deploy and monitor it and confirm that your users are satisfied with the end product. At this point we can discuss how you would like ongoing development and support to be delivered.

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